Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dress rehearsal and then on to the show!

The dress rehearsal for Abby's dance recital was interesting. This was the first time these little girls had been on a big stage and it was so funny to see their personalities coming out and the reaction to the theatre! There was a lot of shyness, apprehension but also a lot of them really did a great job of dancing! Of course Abby was one of the shy ones and didn't really know what to think of the whole thing! 

The following night was the recital and as soon as we put the costume on Abby, her whole attitude changed! She was so excited to get to the stage so she could dance! I let her wear a little makeup and I seriously think that was the best part of the whole thing for her! Before the recital, we stopped by Abby's BFF Kelsie's house to drop off Ada with the sitter and take some picture of the girls.

The recital was so very exciting! As soon as we went backstage, you could feel the jitters and thrill in the air...Abby definitely caught onto it cause she was so excited to finally get on stage and dance in her outfit! She did such an awesome job!! A little nervous but overall awesome!! She smiled and danced and was perfect!
 Oh did I forget to mention about how she was constantly giving the audience the middle finger?? Yeah, it was great. Only my child would use her middle finger to scratch, pick, and point with. And only my child would do it on the stage during her dance recital.

She was so so so very excited about getting a trophy. I'm pretty sure it was her main reason for dancing. Mommy also promised her a new Dora beach towel if she kept her fingers away from her face while she was on the stage...she was successful for about half the performance, so I voted in favor of yes :)
 That look on her face just kills me...her embarrassed, shy, extremely proud of herself look! I can't get enough of this girl! She just makes me so happy with all she does! (well, almost all).
 Checking it over...she was so excited to have it! Her first little trophy!

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