Sunday, May 1, 2011


 Abigail and Kinlee

Esme and Abby playing in the fountain at the pool!

Ada loves the pool!! Or is it that Ada loves the food at the pool :)
Goggle girl!

A few weeks ago the girls and I drove down to Florida and on the way we stopped to do a little shopping. When we walked into Old Navy, Abby saw their display and wanted her picture taken with it! 
Abby and Mee-ma
My little 'Apple-users'
 This is a favorite past time of the girls - pushing each other...though Abby does get the raw end of the deal cause by the time it's Ada's turn to push, she's usually over the whole game and ready to move on :)
 3 going on 16....I have a feeling we need to get a good phone plan! (yes, she was really talking to her grandma here!)

One of the wonderful things about summer...eating outside!! (and adorable Edward Jones hats!)

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