Saturday, January 1, 2011

Grammy and Papa!!

Grammy and Papa arrived at our house the night of the 26th and immediately walked in with an armful of gifts! Abigail loved it and couldn't wait to see the goodies!

The next morning, Joe's brother Dan and his wife Elizabeth arrived with cousin Amelia! The 3 girls had such a great time playing together! It was a lot of fun to see them interacting together and playing. They even got Papa to get in on the action!

Grammy and the 3 girls

We tried to get some decent studio shots while we had all the cousins together but that turned out to be close to impossible! Each time we put the babies down, they went in opposite directions and just left Abby sitting there watching them!

The Serious Shot

This picture looks like they're talking :)

And the final shot where they're all looking at the camera and not crying/running!

Sweet, toothless smile!

Two cousins getting ready to take off!

And they're off!

After pictures, it was bath time and then more presents!

This is just an idea of how fast Abigail opens presents!

Grammy with two very sleepy babies!
Ada was more intrigued by the paper!

Papa showing off his gifts!

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