Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Months old

Ada's still teeny, an incredible sweetheart, and a calm spirit. Her first little tooth popped in shortly after this picture was taken and that's the one thing she's really irritable about - teeth :) She's currently in 6 month clothing, a size 2 shoe and a size 3 diaper. We skipped her 9 month doctor visit (since it's just a check-up with no shots) but right around 10 months went in for a visit for Abigail and we were able to weigh her while we were there. At 10 months she was a whopping 15lbs! Not quite sure on her height but the pants she has on in this picture are 6 month pants. Ada is hating baby food and it usually takes us a couple days to get through a whole jar, so she eats almost everything we eat (with the exception of meat and harder items). She tries her hardest to keep up with Abby and is navigating around and cruising the furniture with amazing skill! Her favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba (actually it's all our favorites!) and when it comes on she gets very excited and dances! She's our little sweetheart!

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