Sunday, July 11, 2010

More fun with the Great-grandparents!

We were non-stop when the Grandparents were here. Abigail made sure to keep us all on our toes and going going going!

I don't know what's cuter about this picture, Papa on a bike or Abigail in the background waiting to go :)

Ada loved sitting with her Great-Papa! 

After a quick nap we headed over to the carnival for some rides on the train and carousel!

Too cool :)

Later that evening we met up with the Facendas and some other people from our church for more fireworks at another festival in town. The kids had a great time playing on the playground until it was time for the show to start. The fireworks at this festival were a little longer and later and the kids were in awe!

This night was also a special night for Ada as she got her first kiss from Kamden :) Or maybe he was just hungry!

Meema and Papa took care of Ada while the big kids sat closer to the show

Kyler and Abby really enjoyed the fireworks!

 The best part of this picture is Joe's hand grabbing (or pushing?) Kyler

The best part of this one is Kyler's hand and Abby's sweet smile :)

They're so stinking cute! I could just squish them!

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Amber Cullum said...

1. Love Ada's smile
2. Love Abby's pig tails
3. Love Kyler's curls
4. Love the joy written all over your grandparents faces
5. Jealous again!! I am hoping to get home, so that my grandparents can meet Bennett. My papaw is really sick, so I am hoping to make it before anything happens.