Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lifelong friends

This past week we got a visit from some of our favorite college friends - Brad and Elisa Smith. Brad was one of Joe's roommates at college and one of the groomsmen in our wedding. They are both so sweet and special to us! We love you guys!! 
Their kids are also just as wonderful! Addison (Addie) is 4 and super brilliant! Abby loved her and had a blast being a 'big girl'! Nate is 1 and such a handsome little man! We had such a great time just relaxing around the house and letting the kids play!
The girls loved dressing up and being princesses! They twirled and just glowed with princess beauty!

After dress-up, it was time for the tub. Isn't this cute?!? Two princesses just dropped their dresses and draw'rs at the sight of bubbles in the bath!

Being a princess is so rough! Relaxing just makes it all better :)

I love the action that was caught in this picture. Each child is doing their own thing - Abby's trying to fly, Addie's singing her sweet, little head off, and Nate is playing with the story computer. And the room is a disaster - this doesn't even show the rest of the mess! We had a ball just watching them be kids and using their imaginations!

Elisa in a sea of baby blues!

What's a trip to Hartsville without some homemade ice cream from the farm!

Everything about this picture cracks me up - Elisa's face is great!

Ada tried some peach ice cream but preferred her fingers!

Both girls loved the games on the iPhone. It was too cute to see their little fingers working the games!

We ended the visit with a quick swim. Elisa was working with Addie on her swimming and of course Miss Abby had to join in on the fun! We took off her swimmies in an effort to get Addie to take off hers, and without hesitation, Abby just jumped off the steps and tried to swim. She didn't get far of course but at least she tried!

Just relaxin!

Ada doing what she does best - chillin while we all swim!

Brad and Nate

Mommies and babies :)
We ended the fun at Sonic which has a huge playground/sandbox for the kids to play in!

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