Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two weeks old and we're in love :)

The week after Ada was born, Grammy and Papa came up for a quick weekend visit! Abby was so excited to see them and kept pulling me to the door all day long to check if they were there yet! *Note to self - don't mention 'special friends' coming over to play unless you want to keep checking the door all day long! 

Abigail had so much fun playing with Grammy and showing her every.single.toy! And every time she saw Papa she associated him with lollipops and had to beg him for one!

I just love this picture of Joe and Abby. The way she's holding on to his arm is so sweet!
Crazy family photo! Impossible to get everyone looking at the camera!  
No clue what she was so excited about but I'm glad I captured the expression! Shows just how passionate she is about everything in life!

She's just so tiny in her big crib! But a great sleeper! She's been sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night! And she hardly cries and when she does we can barely hear her! The first night she was home we put her in the crib and Joe and I just looked at each other. We were like "what if we don't hear her across the house?" So we tested the baby monitor and we were right! We couldn't hear her! I had to put the monitor in her crib with her and near her head so that it would pick up the little noise she made! 
When we brought Ada home she was jaundiced and had to have a warmer. It was like a ping pong paddle that lit up with UV rays She had to be placed on it all weekend. She was like a glow in the dark cabbage patch doll! 

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