Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Announcing Ada Lynn Thomas

The Birth Story of Ada Lynn Thomas *Pictures to come soon

March 8, 2010 - 37 weeks but Ada was measuring just under 33weeks. Weight at ultrasound was 4.7lbs.
Dropped Abigail off at Jenn and Todd Fink’s house around 9:45am. Her first sleepover. I knew she would have a ball! Jenn’s daughter Kelsie is in Abby’s class at school and they are just so cute together!
We had a drs appt at 10 but didn’t get called back until about 11:20. We waited in that waiting room for so long! When Dr. D. checked me, he immediately told me to get dressed and left the room. Unlike when he normally talks to me right then. He came back in and gave me 3 options. We chose Option #2 - induce and get her out. Ada was measuring the same as last week so he was concerned about her growth and the nutrients she was getting. He told us to go straight over to the hospital. We listened of course - went straight home and had lunch! I was starving and there was no way I could go through all that without some kind of food! After a bowl of Lucky Charms we grabbed our stuff and headed out.
12:45 - Checked into hospital and were situated in our room by 1:00 and they started to hook up the iv and get all the forms filled out. 3cm when admitted with sporadic contractions that weren’t very painful. they started the pitocin drip and the meds for GBS+.
3:00 I was 4cm and contractions were still ok. By 6:00 was 6 cm and moving fast. Started Nubain to kill the contractions which were getting worse. Dr. Daniel’s quote of the night when I asked for my epidural, “I want her to hurt...before she gets the epidural” Contractions were hard but could still breathe through them. 4:30 doc broke my water.
6:30 - asked for the epidural as contractions were getting harder. By 7:00, the contractions were horrible and was writhing in pain through them. Couldn’t stop being vocal when they were happening. Joe getting worried. He doesn’t like this part.
7:30 got the epidural. I was at 8-9cm and contractions were making it hard for me to breathe. Was very vocal and definitely scaring Joe. He was allowed to stay in for the epidural this time where with Abigail he had to leave the room. Maybe that was his own choice?
As soon as the epi was in I felt the urge to push. They quickly laid me back down and readied the room. I was at 9 and progressing quickly. Ada was ready to come!
Dr. Daniel was called and on his way! The epidural finally kicked in but I could still ‘feel’ the pressure from the contractions and felt the need to push. Everyone kept telling me no but I was ready!
There was a lot of movement in the room as they prepared for Ada. No one knew what to expect. The ultrasounds had all shown a baby who was under 5lbs and not growing. There were 2 nurses stationed by the warmer, 2 by a table with instruments to revive and resuscitate if needed, 1 next to Dr. Daniel to help him, 1 behind Dr. Daniel for backup and then I had a nurse to my right to help me. They were all prepared and ready. Earlier in the day I had heard the nurses talking and they were going over procedures for Ada. It was quite scary for me as I heard them talk about my baby girl like she was going to be born with complications. I didn’t tell Joe what I had heard and every time I told him I was scared for her he tried to calm me and assure me it was going to be ok. I’m glad he didn’t know what was going on.
I pushed for about 4-5 contractions and then Dr. Daniel had to give me an episiotomy. Ada’s heart rate was dropping dramatically and he needed to get her out quicker than I was pushing.
Finally at 7:47pm sweet Ada Lynn was born. She didn’t cry immediately and I could see Dr. Daniel was trying to get her to. He cleared her lungs, throat and gave her a couple pats on the booty. She whimpered a little but never really gave out a cry. This had me worried and I kept asking why she wasn’t crying! They wiped her off a little then put her on my chest. I got to kiss her and see her gorgeous little face for a couple seconds before they whisked her over to the warmer. She finally started crying and it was relief! Dr. Daniel finished me up while Joe took pics of Ada getting cleaned up and taken care of. They had her in the room for about 5 minutes before they took her to be put on an oxygen and vitals machine. Weighing in at 5.8lbs she was considered a preemie.
After I was taken care of, Joe and I started to make the calls at about 8:15p. We let people know that she was ok and breathing on her own! Ashley Flowers brought us Wendy’s for dinner and sat around talking for a little bit. They finally moved us to our recovery room at about 11:00 and got us situated. Baby Ada was brought to us and we took some pictures and got to love on her! I tried to nurse but she was passed out asleep so I sent her back to the nursery for the night. I figured trying out the nursing could wait till we were all better rested so I let them supplement her for the night while I got some sleep. Well as much sleep as they let me! They were in at 12 then 2:30am and then again at 6:00am. It wasn’t too bad. Joe went home to get pillows but while he was there I told him to stay. There was no reason for him to suffer with no sleep and on the hospital cot. He was hesitant but I insisted.
This time around has been so much better than the last. It was all over within 7 hrs! And done by bedtime! I feel good - don’t know if it’s the sleep or the Zoloft but either way I’ll take it. I’m a blessed blessed woman!! An amazing husband and 2 gorgeous girls!! Who could ask for anything more!

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Amber Cullum said...

congrats girl!!! I am glad Ada is here and healthy!