Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter weekend

This weekend Joe's mom came up for Easter and on Saturday we had Abigail's first Easter egg hunt.
Abigail and Grammy color an Easter picture

Coloring another picture with daddy

She was showing off her standing skills (look at those wrinkly knees!)

Getting Easter hugs from Kyler

He even went in for the kiss!

Daddy and Abigail strategize for the hunt

She found one!

But then Kyler came over and saw an opportunity to "lovingly take" Abigail's eggs!

So Daddy lifted her up and she found a bunch more!

Passing the eggs off to daddy

They even had candy in them!!

Showing her eggs to McKinlee

Mommy stood on the sidelines and took pictures!

We played on all the toys!

And slid down the slide!

Then we counted the loot!

Here she is counting her eggs (Press play)

1 comment:

Sara Jo Lawrence said...

TOO FUNNY!! I'd love to know what was wrong with the yellow egg! ;o) Moriah used to do that with food ... she'd have a "random reject pile" of food that had something wrong with it but only she knew what that something was! HAHA!! HAPPY EASTER!!