Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sugar and Spice!!!


Today Joe and I found out that we're having a girl!! She was a little hesitant to show "the goods" but after a little poking and prodding she willingly gave it up!! (we're a little worried about how easily she gives in :) Her little heartbeat was at 152 and the tech said that everything looked and measured great! It was the neatest experience ever to be able to see her that way! We were even able to see her eating! It's nice to be able to finally know since we were getting a little weirded out by calling her 'it'!!

Everything else is doing good too. I have another doctor's appt tomorrow to talk about traveling and our trip to Rome! It's going to be a lot of walking so the doc just wanted to be able to go over some things to prepare me!

Here are some pictures of our baby girl!!

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Katie D. said...

YAAAY a baby girl!!! Congratulations!!!!