Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you had a great holiday! Joe and I packed our week full of vacation and visits to family. We spent Christmas in Gatlinburg with his family and then drove over to Hiawassee, GA to see my granparents and extended family. It was a lot of fun but exhausting and it's good to be home.

I'm almost 18 weeks and everything with the pregnancy is going good so far, I've even been feeling some kicks!! I felt the first ones just before Christmas and since then I feel them all the time. Baby loves (or hates, I can't decide) when I drink something cold. We haven't been able to feel them on the outside yet but hopefully soon - I hate that Joe's missing out on this part!

Only 21 more days till we find out the gender! We're getting more and more excited and I think the next 3 weeks are going to be the longest ever!

Here are some belly shots - remember the camera adds 10 pounds ;)

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