Sunday, June 17, 2012

Georgia Mountains

The girls decided that a trip to Georgia was much needed...we always have a great time with Grandpa and playing in the lake and the fresh Georgia air. So we loaded up and took a 6 hr drive across the mountains. 

Loving on Great-Great Grandma Mary
One afternoon we stopped at the park for a little afternoon play, but the park is right next to the beach, so I let Abby go wade in the water a bit...well a bit turned into a lot and the next thing we knew she was swimming! HAHA As we were driving back to Grandpa's house, I asked a nekkid Abby if her shivering and sitting nekkid in the car was worth it, and she said yes :)

The next day we took the girls to a different little park area  - Abby loved the jet ski and kayak but Ada was content just playing in the sand with her toys.


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