Sunday, May 13, 2012

2nd Annual Myrtle Beach Trip

This is the 2nd year we've done a Mommy and Kids trip out to Myrtle Beach with this wonderful group of Mommies and kids. There are 4 mommies and 7 kids(only 1 boy!) between all of us. We stay in a house across the street from the beach and just go and have fun!! We do dinners at the house and day trips out to the beach. We are extremely lucky that all the kids get along amazingly! Next year there will be another addition to our group as Amanda is pregnant!

Abby and Kate
 Ada and Alaina

 Mommy's favorite place
 Amelia, Luke and Ada

 Hee hee I love this little group!

 Alaina, Emily and Abby
 Burying Amanda!

 Dancing on the beach
 Whew! Impossible to get all 6 looking forward and being happy!
 Ending the day with a beach wedding. Abby was in heaven!

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