Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting the new year off Florida!!!

To celebrate New Years, Joe and I packed up the kids (again) and took them on a little road trip down to Florida!! We spent the last day of 2011 with my sister, Melissa and cousins, Maddie and Jake at the Homosassa Wildlife Park. The kids loved all the animals...I think it was Abby and Ada's first time at a zoo!

Homosassa Wildlife Park with Maddie and Jake
 Love Jake's face - he's looking down like "why is she holding on to me??"
 Can you see the manatee??
Then, we actually rang in the New Year with some dear friends of ours, Brad and Elisa and their amazing kids, Addie and Nate. Brad was Joe's roommate in college and the Smith's got married the weekend before we did! We've been celebrating together (minus a few missed) for quite some time! We started before we had kids and now between us there are 4 little crazies!! Our girls LOVED them, especially Abby - she thought Addie (who's 6) was just the most amazing thing ever...I mean, a big kid who wanted to play with her?!?!?! Awesome :) 
Happy New Years!!
Are these kids hilarious or what?!?
Sweet Daisy's been around longer than any of the kids! And Ada loved her!
 Again, how could you not love these two!
Not a single one of them lasted to ring in the New Year with us :)

And of course, what do you do on the first day of a New Year?? Go to an Indian pow wow of course!!
And it wouldn't be complete without someone wearing a redneck, mullet wig!

After the Pow Wow, it was back to Grammy and Papa's house to play with the puppies!
 This is blurry but can you see the poor puppy?? Needs a sticker that says "This end up"!!
 Puppy Attack!!!
She loved being chased!

After time with the Grandparents, we went back over to my sister's house to let the cousins play some more...they always have such a great time together!
 Awe :)
Abby loved Snowflake!

And then on to Palm Beach!! We hadn't been back to Palm Beach since Abby was about 10 months old and we were definitely missing it. Our good friends, Matt and Katie put us up for a couple days and Ada had a time playing with their baby, Lilly and of course Jack (the dog), who's been around as long as I can remember Katie stowing him in her purse for classes at PBAU!! It was a wonderful time of perfect weather and amazing friends!! 
 Aaaaahhh miss this drive!

While we were there, Lilly celebrated her 1st birthday!! 

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