Sunday, December 25, 2011


We decided to go over to Georgia for Christmas and spend it with Chrissie's dad and his side of the family. Abby was a bit worried that Santa wouldn't know where she was and wouldn't be able to find her but we explained that we told him when we saw him in the mall and she was happy again :) We put out a birthday cupcake from Jesus' party and a glass of milk right before bed and waited for his visit. Luckily, Abby isn't really one to 'sleep-in' so our wait wasn't too long - up bright and early at 6:30am!
 She wanted to pose with her new princess headband!
 Ada didn't really understand what was going on...she was overwhelmed and extremely tired from being woken up so early!
 The excitement!!
 The main thing she asked Santa for was a My Little Pony castle complete with a flag on top!! He definitely came through for her and even included 10 ponies, furniture and accessories!
Ada was loving her new puppy! She would barely put him down long enough to get him out of the box!
So much for a Christmas picture..neither girl would look at me, much less smile!
Making fish faces with cousin Jess
 The favorite place for both girls was hanging over the balcony upstairs!

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