Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun in the mountains!

The middle of March, Daddy left us to go on a trip around the world! He went to Istanbul, Turkey for almost 2 weeks! Leaving the girls home alone to fend for ourselves! The week started off decent enough, but then Abby got sick and then she missed her Daddy, then Mommy got sick, then we had 2 little girls who didn't want to obey and were going through some sort of separation anxiety any time Mommy left them for more than a minute. So after much thought, Mommy packed up and we went to Grandpa's house! 
We went to parks, played on playgrounds, fed ducks, and had a visit to Aunt Tammy's farm! There were little lambs and Abby got to feed them from a bottle! She loved it and wanted to bring one home with her...or maybe it was Mommy who wanted to bring one home!
*Disclaimer - The Daddy earns trips every 6 months and Mommy knows that he deserves them after all the hard work he puts in at the office, so she doesn't fight him on letting him get away...The Mommy could go with him but the pull of her heartstrings by two little girls keeps her from leaving. One day The Mommy will be able to pack up and jet off, but until then, she will let The Daddy get away and relax a bit!

At the playground, Grandpa really got into playing! His favorite was the red firetruck!

"Helping" Ada slide down 

Riding the yellow tractor

Down on the farm feeding the lambs. She was chasing after them with the bottle asking "Who wants milk"

Grandpa was scared of the sheep coming after him so he stood on the highest point in the pen :) 

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