Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fun

This year Abigail was just old enough to understand that if she said "Trick or Treat" people would put candy into her bucket :) She absolutely loved it! She loved seeing everyone's costumes and decorations! Holidays and festivals are so much fun through a child's eyes! This year for Halloween, the three girls were bumblebees and daddy was a Florida toll booth operator. We had so many festivities and events to attend - a party with Abigail's class, trunk or treat at her school and at our church and then we went trick or treating in the streets of downtown Hartsville. It seemed like we had something going on each day of the week!

She was a little apprehensive at first and didn't quite understand the whole concept.
 Checking the loot to make sure she liked it :)
 "OOooh a pop!"

Abigail's best friend at school is Kelsie. We tried to get the two of them and then Kelsie's sister Jamie to take a picture together...this is the best one I got :)

Her little class party was so cute! All the little superheros and princesses! Here's a picture of the class together saying their prayer before they eat.
 Such a good little prayer!
 And eater!!

When we went trick or treating downtown, I managed to get an outfit on Ada. She was such a sweet little bee - only 'stung' a couple times!

The bee keeper :)

We met up with Abigail's little friend McKinlee and had a great time walking to all the shops and collecting sweets!

Stopping to take inventory of her loot!

I had to post a picture of Joe and his little get-up. He was a Florida toll booth operator - complete with shirt!

You can't tell from this picture, but even mommy dressed up as a bee! I had wings, skirt and the tiara on my head made me the "Queen Bee" :)

Abigail had to ride the ponies and she loved it! The girl loves horses and riding and touching, etc...she could be around them all day and not get bored!

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