Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where did September go??

Seriously, this month flew by right before my eyes! So this post is dedicated to the month of September. The month that my sweet Ada turned 6 months and was finally weaned from the swaddle, started baby food and really started showing her personality! September was also the month when we moved our rambunctious Abby to a toddler bed, school started and she's officially a 2Ker, and she started her first tap class! Both girls definitely keep us on our toes!

Our September has been extremely warm and we had temps in the high 90's right till the end of the month! Of course I'm not complaining! Just meant more pool and lake time for us!

Abby and Kyler watching the boats fly by

Ada and Kamden kept guard over our stuff :)

Abigail has started tap class. Cutest. Thing. Ever. I mean seriously, the little sweeties in this class are so adorable as they dance and tap their way around the mirror-walled room. The second I put the tap shoes on Abby she knew just what to do and loves to tap around the house "practicing". The first class we went to, I went in and was 'that mom' who took pictures :) Now, Abby's a big girl and just walks back to the class by herself! She loves it and I love that she has something to put her energy towards!
As we were walking out the door to her first class, I had grabbed my camera to take with me and she insisted on a picture with her backpack on...then we took some outside of her twirling!

Ada just sat there watching all the little dancers! Dreaming of the day when she could join them! *side note - time to clean the mirror :)

This next picture is really just some blackmail for Kyler when he's older :)

Kyler kept getting a little frustrated with Abby's driving!

We officially started Ada on baby food on Sept. 10th. I like to skip right over the rice cereal since it's really pointless anyways and go straight for the good stuff. We started with sweet potatoes just like we did with Abby. There was some apprehension at first but overall it was a hit! Of course Abby thought that she was the one who was supposed to be feeding Ada :) Now at almost 7 months, Ada's had: sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, applesauce, peaches, squash, blueberry, prunes, pears - such a variety!
Everything about this picture cracks me up...Joe adjusting his glasses in his classic-Joe way, Abby already in pjs and with an odd look on her face (we can thank Daddy for the pop on the dinner plate :), and the mess in the background - at least I have enough space cleared for us to eat dinner together!

She liked it!!

Open wide Ada!!
Then it happened...."No Aaa-Uhh" (that's how Abby says Ada :)

And less than 30 seconds later, we had this...

And this...

But she liked it :)

This month was also the month of the toddler bed. Definitely would have kept Abby in her cage, oh, I mean crib, for a little while longer but she had learned how to climb in and out. So in order to keep her from causing injury to herself we turned her crib into a "Big Girl Bed". At just over 2, she's doing really well! The only problem we're having at the moment is that she wants to get up at about 6 and for mommy and daddy that's a problem :) The sun doesn't even get up at 6! We're working on it, which really just means that we have a baby gate in the doorway and pretty much have her locked in there until we come and get her :) 

Crazy girl!

And of course she wanted to have a sleepover so she invited Ada up into the Big Girl Bed! They laid there just talking and laughing to each other - so cute!

Sharing all her 'babies' with Ada...

She loves all the attention!

And a smile for September

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Amber said...

I love it!! The picture of Abby dumping sweet potato on Ada is just great. However, I love the picture of them smiling in Abby's bed more!!