Sunday, April 18, 2010

More from mom's visit...

Grandma LOVES to shop!! And lucky for her, Abby does too!!

How creepy is this picture??

Grandma had an impromptu photo shoot in the store's flower section!
"Seriously...are we done?"

Then she started getting silly :)

Just hanging out on the couch with grandma

Sillyness in the car - Abby's such a goof!

Abby loves her new baby doll!!

She's recently discovered 'flowers' and blowing the petals off them!

Does this look like an accident waiting to happen or what?!?

"Cheeeese" after getting her nails painted.

One of the days mom was here, we went over one of Abby's little friend's house for a picnic. Abby and Kelsie are good friends and are in the same 2K class. Such a sweet family and Abby just adores them! She even calls their house "my house". 

This picture is kinda a glimpse into the future...can't you just see them at 16 - Abby holding on for dear life and Kelsie screaming "Whoooooo" at the top of her lungs?!? Kinda scary!!
True friend love :)
 A couple more from the dedication day...

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Amber Cullum said...

I love Abby in her heels pushing the stroller!!!
P.S.-i wish I had Photo Shop