Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The start of Valentine's Day weekend...

The weekend festivities started today when my new camera lens came in the mail(thank you Joe!!!)! So of course I had to try it out and who better to model than my sweet Abigail :) We played and took pictures and were silly all day! Then Mommy made Abigail's Valentine's for her school party tomorrow! My sweet little girl's first Valentine's party! I'm interested to see how hopped up on sugar she is tomorrow afternoon when I pick her up :)



Layla had to get in on the action too!



Abigail's first Valentines.

She wanted to eat one so bad!

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Sara Jo Lawrence said...

Love the new camera lens and the the "subjects" are adorable too! ;o) Seriously ... did you MAKE those valentine pops?!?! What are they made of? You are SUCH a Holly Homemaker!!