Friday, January 29, 2010

Some randomness

Abigail loves 'pretending' to be mommy's baby :)

Poor girl has to hide and protect her snacks or else the dogs will snatch them from her!

Sitting in her chair watching tv.

My sleeping beauty :)

Abigail didn't want her doggy to be left out so she put him in with Layla and Milly. They were not so amused with having to share their bed!

On Wed, Abigail had a couple friends over and had a great time with them! From left to right is, Tori, Kyler and Abby. This was during a break from all their playing :)

Mommy thought Abby was being cute in the tub so she brought out the camera - Abigail got a little embarrassed and shy that mommy was taking pics of her in the tub!

"Are you done now?"

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