Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our trip to OH-IO

This past weekend we took a trip up to Columbus, OH to visit Joe's grandparents and his Uncle Mark and his family. We had a great time introducing Abigail to her Great-Grandparents! She loved riding with Great-Grandpa Murfin on his walker and then playing with her Great-Grandma and reading to her!

While we were there, Joe got to go to the Ohio State game! He was a true Buckeye :)

We also celebrated Abigail's cousin Mia's third birthday at World of Bounce. It's this warehouse building with all different kinds of bounce houses and slides. She had such a great time and was able to keep up with all the big kids!

It was a long drive and a whirwind time but we had a great trip!!

Press play to watch the video

She loved jumping in the bounce houses!

Her daddy took her up the biiiiig slide

Going dooooown!

Wheeeee - you can barely see it but there is a huge smile on her face

Whew! What a rush!!

The sweet birthday girl, Mia

Joe's cousin Kristen and her husband Joel and their sweet kids, Mia and Braylon

Great-grandpa Murfin taking Abigail for a ride

While we were in Georgia, Grandpa Wine taught Abigail how to use the water fountain and now she has to play with it everytime we see one!

4 generations of the Murfin family

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Sara Jo Lawrence said...

SOOO precious!! What did you use to make the video? Super cute!! You sure are a traveling machine these days! Pregnancy must be easy going? ;o)