Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Georgia girl!

Abigail and I went to visit my grandparents in Georgia this week while Joe is in Prague on vacation (yes he went without me! I couldn't leave Abigail for an entire week!). Abigail's been a little tornado around my grandparent's house so we've found things to do to help her use her energy in a productive way :)
Behind Grandma and Grandpa's house there's a cow pasture...this cow came right up to us!

I took Abigail to the beach in the mountains for a little while and she loved it! Kept wanting to drink the dirty, muddy water! Look at the mountains in the background! Such a beautiful place to play in the water!

"Ohhh cold!"

She loved putting handfuls of sand into my bag!

My Georgia Beach baby

The beach also had a great playground too. Abigail loved the slides and stairs and riding all the little animals they had there. Here's a video of her going down the slide (press play)

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