Thursday, December 25, 2008

Abigail's First Christmas

Abigail and Papa

She knew exactly what to do with the presents!

Joe's parents, Lynn and Ron

She was in shock!

With Grammy

Abigail and Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan and Aunt Elizabeth - Uncle Dan loved his Light Saber!

They both got a kick out of the Santa pants!

The four Thomas kids :)

Her favorite toy - also the first toy she's ever had to make noise and light up - Thanks Grammy and Papa!


Sarah RItz said...

I can't believe she is crawling!!! How fun =).

Sara Jo Lawrence said...

"The Four Thomas Kids" cracks me up! Joe is so ... deep. ;o) Love that Abigail is a born present-opener! Hey ... did you notice I'm blogging now?!?! I'll do my best to be witty and fun from time to time! HAHAHA!! Love ya ... Happy New Year!