Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at the beach!

We spent Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach this year! Chrissie's grandparents (mom's side) were celebrating their 50th anniversary and rented a huge beach house for the whole family to celebrate with them. We relaxed, ate and spent time on the chilly beach!

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Happy 50th Anniversary Grandma and Papa!!

The grandparents and their kids, Teri (Chrissie's mom), Richard, Vicki and Bippy (not her real name...I don't think we actually know her real name ;)

Teri and her grandkids - She's a hot Grandma!

Our little beach girl

The whole clan (minus 2 grandkids and 8 granddogs and 5 grandcats)

Playing in the sand with Great-Grandma

"Hello cousin"

With Papa

Can you believe that Abigail is 3 months older?? They look like twins!

Abigail and Uncle Mike

With Great-Papa

3 cousins

Jiggly cheeks (press play)

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Sarah RItz said...

So adorable!!!! Love the pics!