Sunday, September 28, 2008

She's a boating beauty!

Abigail had her first boat trip yesterday! It was the perfect day for it too! The youth group at our church had an outing at the lake and ours was one of the boats pulling them around on the tubes and skis. The relaxing sounds of the lake and boat motor put Abigail right to sleep and she really seemed to enjoy the ride!

self-portrait :)

As we were sitting by the lake, the relaxing sounds and the mood of the day really touched Abigail and Kyler and since the moment seemed right...well things just happened! For the record, it was our daughter who started this by pulling Kyler's head down toward her...the boy was practically forced! I thought it was cute...but daddy was a wee bit protective!

Gazing lovingly at each other...

Notice Abigail's hands as she's pulling him in to her...

And then it happened....we pretty much had to pull them off each other!

"Mom, he's just so cute I couldn't help it! I was lost in those blue eyes!"

"What?!? She kissed me!"

After a long day on the boat.

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Sarah Ritz said...

Oh my goodness you are so funny! She is already working those boys! Daddy better watch out.