Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Major accomplishments at 6 weeks old!

Recently Abigail had some major accomplishments. Yesterday morning she was taking a nap in her crib and she rolled from tummy to back!! I went in to check on her and she was talking away to the polka dots on her bumper ! She hasn't done it again since but she tries if you put her on her tummy!

Then last night we had a HUGE accomplishment - she slept for 8 straight hours! From 9p - 5a, then went back to sleep from 5:30a - 7:30a!! Mommy and daddy were so excited! They haven't slept that much in over 6 weeks!! Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and she's really moving towards sleeping through the night. We've been lucky in that she's always been a great nighttime sleeper and usually goes for about 4-5 hr stretches. Fingers crossed it keeps getting better!

Spastic Hands - they always wake her up by hitting her face :)

This morning after all her sleep - we were all smiling really big this morning!

Ever seen the movie Zoolander? This is her 'Blue Steel' impression. (Great silly movie if you haven't seen it!)

Her drugged up look!

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