Monday, April 14, 2008

YAY for baby stuff!!

This is the week of baby stuff at the Thomas house! We got our stroller from Matt and Katie for our shower (thanks guys!!) and then our carseat came in this week and I assembled the swing (thanks mom!!)! Our furniture should be here in 2 weeks and then the bedding (thanks Grandma Faye and Bumpy!) then we'll be ready for baby! It's so weird to have all this stuff in the house and I keep having to go back to the baby's room to check on it and make sure it's all still there :) Joe tried out the stroller to make sure the pink was still manly enough :)

Baby is still kicking like crazy! She's at a point where I can feel body parts from the outside. She loves to stick her butt out and at my last doctor's appt the nurse even made a comment about how far it was sticking out on my left side! And lately she's been running an elbow or something boney (must be from the Maslar side of me :) along my right side. It's such a weird feeling!

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